EMC Mental Performance

Individual Sessions

Learning to deal with the pressures of being a high-level athlete can be difficult. There’s so much involved; you find yourself arranging your day around your sport.

From dealing with your inner critic which makes you doubt your abilities, to looking at life outside of sport; from blocking out media coverage and the pressure of living up to a legacy to being unexpectedly benched; I will prepare you for life at the top.

Together we will develop the best mental performance plan for you so that you can be that high-level athlete you strive to be.


Is your team performing as well as you know they can? Successful teams must perform as a cohesive unit with a unique identity. This can be achieved through the delivery of workshops and collaboration with coaching staff. 

All workshops will be delivered in an interactive manner and include activities that will promote team bonding. Upon completion of the workshops, athletes will have skills which can be implemented and used to improve individual and team performance.

EMC Mental Performance

Initial Consultation

At EMC Mental Performance, we offer our initial consultation free of charge. In this 20 minute session you will have the opportunity to learn more about what mental skills training is, see what’s going on for you and if we will work well together. 

EMC Mental Performance


Train Your Mind. Showcase Your Sport.